2013 Vietnam

Before the 2013 International Bonsai Convention in Yangzhou, China, I had the chance to join a small group for a trip to Vietnam. The trip was organised by Chiara Padrini, the world-famous suiseki collector and expert.

In Ho Chi Minh City we visited the house of the Vietnamese film director Mr. Tam Bui Duc. He used to be a member of the Taiwanese Suiseki Club. In 2005 he was admitted to the ESA. Currently he is the leader of the stone collecting group under the Bonsai Club of the University of Natural Sciences.

In his job he has the opportunity to travel to many parts of Vietnam where he can look for beautiful stones.
His three-storey house is full of stunning stones from Vietnam, China, Japan and other countries.

In addition to the stones many different bells are on display. I liked this fact in particular because I have been collecting bells for several decades myself.
In Vietnam, the stones are called „ Nguyen Canh Ban“, literally „stone naturally shaped“, so they are never worked.

As this art started to spread in Vietnam less than 40 years ago, it shows strong influences from more developed neighbouring countries (China, Taiwan and Japan).
The visit was marked by pleasant and friendly atmosphere and we are grateful to Mr. Tam for allowing us to admire his unusual collection.